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  With the grand epoch spirit, there must be the grand epoch buildings. Erectors in Guangsha, inherit the national pedigree in each piece of brick and tile and create new brilliances in every high building and every bridge.
------- Lou Ming Board Chairman of Guangsha Construction Group

  Guangsha Construction Group Co., Ltd., as an industrial management group of construction industry (which dominates in Guangsha Group), is one of the first 49 large group trial units by Ministry of Construction and one of five key backbone enterprises in Zhejiang province. The construction industry of Guangsha has stepped on the road of capital and technical-oriented pattern, marching forward under the strategic position of "Grand building" & "Great Construction".

  Guangsha Construction Group are embraced with abundant business strengths: Super Grade general contract of house building project construction, Grade 1 specialized contract of architectural decoration & upholstery project, Grade 1 specialized contract of electromechanical equipment installation project, Grade 1 specialized contract of ancient garden construction project, Grade 1 specialized contract of earthwork & foundation project, Grade 1 specialized contract of architectural curtain wall project, general contract of water conservancy & hydropower project, etc. What's more, it took the lead among the fellow sectors to acquire foreign trade rights and is capable of undertaking a variety of domestic and foreign projects, including those feature with "high-end, new, difficult and top-end", thanks to the rich technical strengths and sophisticated equipment. In 2003, the Group accomplished a production value of 8.5 billion Yuan and newly took up a project volume of 13 billion Yuan. For years, the Group has generated 15 state excellent projects such as "Luban Award" and over 270 provincially excellent projects such as "Qianjiang Cup". The Group earns a sound social reputation, whose spacious business market radiating to all provinces, cities and autonomous regions all over the country, or even to more than10 oversea countries and regions.

Guangsha Main Building

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