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Guangsha Construction Group held the “Mason Techniques Contest”

      On Nov. 23rd, Guangsha Construction Group held the “Mason Techniques Contest” in Tianducheng Project in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Group. Fourteen masonry experts from fourteen member companies of Guangsha Group No. 1, 2 and 3 Construction Companies, Hangzhou Construction Project Company and Beijing No. 2 Construction Company, etc. After fierce competition in theory and practice, Wu Xiaobo from Guangsha Group No. 5 Construction Company finally stood out and got the first prize with a score of 2 hours and 53 minutes; Hu Xiande from Hangzhou Construction Project Company and Li Bangjie from Dongyang No. 2 Construction Company got the second prize; Zhang Qiansheng from Hubei No. 6 Construction Company, Chen Longcheng from Guangsha No. 7 Construction Company and Zuo Neng from Hangzhou Branch Company got the third prize; Zhang Wei from Guangsha Group No. 10 Construction Company achieved the trophy for Masonry Expert; in addition, Guangsha Group No. 2 Construction Company, Beijing No. 2 Construction Company and Beijing Zhongdi Company was awarded the trophy for outstanding organization. This event was honored to have the patronage of Lou Ming, president of Guangsha Holdings and board chair of the Construction Group, Lu Zhixin, CPC committee secretary of Guangsha Holdings, Zheng Keji, board chair of Tiandu Industry Ltd and Lai Lianmao, general manager of Guangsha Construction Group.

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