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The Milestone of Exploring Oversea Business-Guangsha Has Signed a Joint-stock Agreement
2008-5-9 9:11:36

8th, May ,Lou Zhongfu , Chairman of Board of Guangsha Holding Venture Capital Co. Ltd, Wu Xiaowei ,Vice-chairman of Board of Guangsha Construction Group Co. Ltd, Wang Jianglin, general manager of Guangsha Construction Group Co. Ltd, have attended the ceremony of signing a joint-stock agreement with North African Five Countries Pubic Project Company


In the ceremony, Mr. Lou has put forward three requests: firstly, the joint venture company should come into existence as soon as possible. Secondly: the target of the company should not only to Algiers, but also to the whole Africa even to the world. Thirdly: the scope of business of joint –stock company should not be limited to the construction .Otherwise; the company can also draw a lesson form the undertaking project in Dubai


In the agreement, it has confirmed the name, legal address, running mode, sum of venture and so on, limited the scope of business of the company.

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